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Hiding from the truth, trying to avoid it…

I have spent an amazing week of meditation and practices in high desert of California, where my soul feels like coming home. Doing this work is so awakening and inspiring. It is about getting in touch with my Higher Self and being able to feel the hunger to continue the work on myself.

There was a talk from Samuel we listen to, that especially touched me. It was about the Truth. I have always been keen to follow my truth. To explore and listen to myself. Having a family though and 2 boys, sometimes following my truth comes on the second position, sometimes without noticing that, sometimes it’s more obvious than other times. Maybe it is only an excuse, maybe it is only the way we are used to follow the system, our patterns, that actually control our lives. It can be all of that and it can be something totally else.

We believe we know our Truth, but do we? The fact is, we often forget or not recognize at all, what our truth is…

I had a vision that even though the truth is so important to me and I thought I am living it, I actually have been hiding from it quite successfully. I was trying to avoid it, not only I was afraid of it, I just felt cozy with truth I believed its mine. And what feels important is I wanted to avoid my truth not to hurt my closest family. Have I really not hurt them, is another question… I believe that not being satisfied by not following your truth, can’t make anyone happy. It feels you are only postponing what is obvious and not facing it…

It hurts to follow your truth.

You must really deepen into the truth above, be very still and quiet, to feel it from the impersonal state and to not being misled by the astral body (thoughts, patterns, samskaras,…), that has its own truth.

It’s harder to write about anything when you are so immersed in the practices, that are so intense. Feeling more or less the being of not only the Self, but the whole creation of living.

Why is it we seek so much… what is our driving force…

These are questions that emerge in between, although it’s clear by now it’s the touch of Higher Self that gives you the force, it gives you the meaning, it brings so much joy and love that can’t be compared to anything else.

Not being understood by so many is already a common thing. People are different, some have a hunger to seek Truth, to seek Higher Self, some don’t. And it’s ok. Accept it is ok, if you seek and it is ok if you don’t. It’s ok either way, it’s your own path, it’s your own life. Acknowledging where you fit in is the first step. Not trying to fit in a frame of ”normal” life is another one.

These small steps bring freedom inside. They bring joy of seeing and accepting yourself. They bring power to live and to explore even more of what’s deep inside and what’s waiting for you outside.

Don’t judge, embrace what’s there to see and follow…

Why and how do you seek?



The picture is made by Roger Suriol, it brings a special space. You can follow him on Instagram for more: https://www.instagram.com/capturesdellum_lightcaptures/


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